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Sugiyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd provide high quality, stable supply commutator for small DC motor.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Quality control department

Quality control department focused on the initial liquidity management and carried out the sufficient quality problems before mass production, becouse many of the problems found in initial flow. We put them into QC process table and create working standard document.

Quality Assurance System

ISO9002 October 1996 - Shizuoka Factory was qualified
ISO9001 January 2002 - All Commutator Divisions were qualified
ISO9001 January 2003 - Precision molded parts Division was qualified
ISO9001 June 2003 - Hong Kong Sugiyama Co.,Ltd. was qualified
TS16949 NOV ,2006 Certified TS16949 KOREA SUGIYAMA CO.,LTD
IATF16949 MAY,2018 Certified IATF16949 for all plant

Measuring instruments

  • Image:Digital MicroscopeDigital Microscope
  • Image:Profile Measuring MachineProfile Measuring Machine
  • Image:Roundness TesterRoundness Tester
  • Image:Coating Thickness MeasurementCoating Thickness Measurement
  • Image:3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Image:Strength testing equipmentStrength testing equipment

For quality assurance system IATF16949 Resistration caed Appendix


QC Circle quality・Cost improvement activities

We due to QC Circle, strives to day-to-day quality improvement and cost improvement activities.